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Methacrylic resin for cold plastic markings POLYACRYL, AC-810
Product Describtion
Methacrylic resin for cold plastic markings
Polyacryl AC-810 is a methacrylate resin, used for permanent cold plastic markings. Cold plastic materials based on Polyacryl AC-810 are permanently elastic, weather resistant and resistant to abrasion. It is used in combination with Polyacryl AC-810, which is amine     pre activated. Binder contains paraffin which tends to float when stored for a long period of time at lower temperature. Therefore, the binder must be homogenized before use by stirring.                              
 Technical information 
Ref. Standard
Light yellow
Density 0.91 - 0.98 gr/cm3
Viscosity (D6/25˚ϲ)
9-12 sec
ISO 2431
Gel Time
10 - 12
Min ----
Ac-800 is recommended for production of two/three component traffic paints (films with up to 3000µ thickness) in mild and hot climate. This resin can be used in special machines for applying two-part paint in a ratio of 2 to 98 or 30 to 70.

  • High flexibility
  • High resistance against chemicals and weathering conditions.
  •  High durability of the applied paint
  •  Suitable low temperature curing time
  • yellowing Resistance
  •  Resistance against fuels and salt
 Curing method 
While making the paint, add appropriate amount of accelerator (100 unit resin/0.7-1 unit accelerator) to the formulation. Then, prior to application add 1-3% benzoyl peroxide powder (paste) to the paint.  
Keep way from direct sunlight and under 30˚ϲ.

under aforementioned conditions:3months from production date.

To avoid explosion reaction, keep the hardener and the accelerator away from each other.
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