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the superior Provincial and national Research

Selected as the superior Provincial and national Research & Development center in 2014 The 4th festival of research, industry, mine and trade with the objective of developing a research culture and building the necessary groundwork for development of research capacities in order to fulfill the objectives of industries, mine and trade was held on 15th December 2014. In this festival the best companies in the fields of industry, mine and trade and subsidiaries of the ministry, provincial organizations, chambers of commerce, chambers of trade unions, research projects, leading companies in the field of research, research centers, research and development centers, production units, applied science centers, manufacturing units, software developer companies, researchers and research managers were selected and the winners received awards. PolymerIran chemical and industrial group’s research and development department managed to get top ranked and awarded among 110 units operating in this area in the country. Also it should be noted that PolymerIran was selected as the Premier provincial Research and Development Unit by Isfahan chamber of Industries and mine.