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Hot melt Resin PI - 720
Product Describtion
Hot melt Resin
PI-720 resin is a resin with alkyd nature and 100% solid. This resin to be used with HET -200.
 Technical information 

Percent Solid 100 %
ASTM D1259
Acid Value
Max 10 mg KOH/g
ASTM D1639
Melting point 100-110
Degree centigrade
 Soft  point 80-90  Degree centigrade  
This resin is for production
1- hot melt  traffic paint
2- Hot melt adhesives
3- Auxiliary resin for ink production Is used.
This resin can be supplied in the form of 25 kg bags in powder form or in 200 kg barrels in one piece.
PI - 720 should be storage indoors in original unopened and undamaged containers in a dry place at storage temperature under 30 ˚C.  

Under the above mentioned storage condition the stability of PI - 720 will be 12 month ex work.
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