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Low Profile Resin LP-200
Product Describtion
Low Profile Resin
LP – 200 is thermoplastic polymer solution in styrene, designed to be used as a low shrink additive.
 Technical information 
Solid content 30 ± 2 Percent
ISO 3251
Acid value Max 1 mg KOH/g ISO 2114
Density 1 ± 0.5% g/cm3 ISO 1675
 ISO 2555
The LP - 200 is added to polyester and vinyl ester resins during formulation to improve surface finish and avoid shrinkage. The use of LP-200 varies depending upon the nature of the unsaturated polyester resin from 10% to 30%. This resin especially used as low shrink additive for SMC or BMC formulations.
 Performance guidelines 
Keep LP-200 levels between 10 – 30 % of the total polyester resin weight for SMC or BMC formulations.
In other applications, this resin should be mixed with polyester resin before use and the prepared mixture should be used immediately. If the mixture is not used for a long time, the mixing procedure must be repeated before use.
LP – 200 should be storage indoors in original Unopened and undamaged containers in a dry place at storage temperature under 25 ˚C. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided.
Under the above mentioned storage condition the stability of LP - 200 will be 6 month ex work.
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